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FlightRadar 24″ translates to “flight radar”, or more precisely, “flight radar. It is for monitoring flights of aircraft, and almost any aircraft, that this public resource was created. You couldn’t even dream about it 15 years ago, and you couldn’t even think about it 30 years ago. However…

Site “FlightRadar 24” has been working since 2007, but it became really popular three years later, in the spring of 2010 during the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano (Iceland). This case clearly showed the importance and usefulness of this project. The world’s leading media were able to monitor air traffic in the sky over a dangerous region thanks to the “flight radar”.

The flight of the German national soccer team in mid-2014 caused even more excitement around this web service. Thousands of fans from all over the world watched the team’s flight in real time.

FlightRadar24 – planes online

Despite the convenience and functionality, use this service mainly aviation enthusiasts (spotters) or those who need data on the work, the same reporters. We do not need to go far to get an example. Any plane crash instantly draws an audience to flightradar24.com.

However, in addition to monitoring plane crashes, this resource is also very good for planning your affairs in everyday life. Although few people know about it, or just don’t understand how to apply the new features.

As mentioned above, the main audience of flightradar24.com, is spotters, who monitor the traffic just for the sake of interest. But, who would definitely benefit from this resource would be tourists and business travelers. Flight delays happen all the time. Information at airports is not always given in a timely and accurate manner. Where is the plane? Where is it going at the moment, and is it flying at all? All of this is precisely what you can find out through the web service flightradar24.com. And, having found out, to plan your next steps.

How to use FlyghtRadar

For example, you are meeting the plane, and it will weather conditions will land in another city or circle around 400 kilometers from your destination. The board at your airport will show you “flight delay”, but nobody will tell you how much. With flightradar24.com you can calculate by yourself where your plane is at the moment and approximately how long you should wait for it to land. Convenient and, in general, simple.

To do this you need, first of all, at least a smartphone with Internet access, and secondly the flight number. These days, finding the location of the plane has become easier than finding out where your shuttle is now. So, we go to the website flightradar24.com. In the “search” we type the flight number. This number may look something like this: AFL 0001 or SU 0002. Then wait for the result. On the map you should see not only the plane you are looking for, but also a list of the flights it took the last few days.

By the way, you can “search” any airliner in this simple way. As long as it was equipped with a special radio transmitter. Even the presidential one, and you don’t have to know the number of the flight. To track an airplane it’s enough to know its tail number. One last suggestion for aviation novices to consider. I almost forgot, the first half hour you can use the site for free, and then reload and use again.

Flightradar24 is a partially commercial project. A paid subscription opens up more options in the settings and removes advertising. However, the free version is generally quite convenient. The language barrier is not a problem. Although the site is English-language, but still it is easy enough to understand its work. This is enough of minimal knowledge and intuition. But what may not be enough, it is the speed of the Internet. On a slow connection a map of a particular region will be loaded for a long time, from 2 to 5 minutes. Remember this and have patience.