Malaysia airline

General Information

Malaysia Airlines is the country’s oldest airline, founded in 1947. The company is the largest national carrier operating in all continents. The company has about 20 subsidiaries. Malaysia airlines tickets are very popular in the region, which is due to the high rating.

Route network

Malaysia airlines operate scheduled flights to 87 international destinations. The company is one of the world leaders in organizing “Kangaroo” flights, i.e. the organization of flights with connecting flights, while the waiting time of flights is minimal. The company’s aircrafts were the first to perform scheduled flights from Southeast Asia to South America.

Aircraft fleet

The fleet of the company is one of the largest in the region and consists of 90 airliners. It includes 17 Airbus A-330s, 50 Boeing 737s and 27 Boeing 747s and Boeing 777s. Currently, the company has placed orders for 56 of the newest types of airliners, including 40 Boeing 737-800, designed to operate on medium-haul routes. The technical condition of the aircraft does not cause any complaints and meets all international requirements. The cars have comfortable seats.

Conditions and rules of luggage carriage

Malaysia airlines has the following free baggage allowances: 20 kg for economy class, 30 kg for business class and 40 kg for passengers traveling in first class. On domestic routes the weight of free baggage allowance is 10 kg. When carrying hand luggage economy class passengers are entitled to one piece weighing up to 5 kg, business and first class passengers – two pieces of the same weight. The maximum size of a piece is 56*36*23 cm.


In the history of the company there have been three aircraft accidents, the last of which happened in 1995. Since then, there have been no incidents with human casualties with the aircraft of the renewed fleet. First of all the high flight safety is ensured by the excellent technical condition of the equipment and professionalism of the staff. The company is cooperating with the world leaders in the field of passenger air transport and implements all the latest achievements in the field of flight safety.


In terms of punctuality and passenger service, Malaysia Airlines is among the world leaders. Flight delays are extremely rare and are mostly caused by force majeure. In this case, the staff of the company displays utmost care for the passengers.

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