Us Airways

General Information

Flying with US AIRWAYS is a common occurrence for the average American. It is one of the most budget-friendly companies in the states and is used for domestic flights as well as for tourism purposes. The main airports are located in Philadelphia, Charlotte (Douglas Airport), and Arizona (SkyHarbor Airport). The carrier’s motto is “Fly with us!” (“Flywithus!”). All ports have international status.

Route network

Airline tickets US AIRWAYS, INC. allows you to get to one of the 141 destinations. The number is really astounding. The most frequent flights the company operates in the directions of Las Vegas, New York, Washington and Boston. At the same time, the cost of the flight is very favorable in relation to other operators.

The number of flights per day is more than 3,000, with more than 200 destinations. Routes densely scatter the East Coast, the Caribbean, and link air routes to South America. The most modern routes are Philadelphia-Beijing, Philadelphia-London, Charlotte-Gatwick, Charlotte-Paris. Flights to Oslo, Rio de Janeiro, and Tel Aviv are also available.

Aircraft Fleet

The fleet contains the largest number of Airbus in the world. The most popular models of the fleet are Airbus A320, Airbus A330-200, Airbus A319-100, Boeing 737-400, Boeing 757-200, Boeing 767-200. The age of the available aircraft is pretty solid. However, the company is gradually withdrawing obsolete Boeing and replacing them with a new generation of Airbus. The total number of aircrafts is over 350.

Conditions and rules of luggage allowance

When you buy US AIRWAYS, INC airline tickets, you get one free piece of carry-on luggage. However, there are some restrictions on carry-on luggage. First, the total weight of luggage cannot exceed 23 kilograms. Secondly, the sum of baggage dimensions may not exceed 115 centimeters. For an extra seat, the passenger must pay an extra $25. If two seats are not enough, each additional seat costs $100. Exceeding the weight limit will cost you $50, and each additional piece of luggage will cost you even more.


The company in recent years has spent large sums of money to maintain security measures. They include annual crew and ground personnel inspections, passenger and baggage checks, parcel and mail screening, infrared scanning and advanced pilot training. The most pressing problem now is the renewal of the fleet of outdated aircraft. But it is also being solved. In 2011, the company was ranked number one in the safety rating.


In terms of punctuality, the company is ranked number one in the list of U.S. carriers. The company’s flights are not delayed for more than 15 minutes. Based on the results of studies in 2010, the company took second place in the world ranking of punctuality of transportation.

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